Links to Other Interesting Websites

These are some of the sites I have visited and found interesting, informative, useful or just plain 'fun'.

I hope you find the same.

Please let me know of any discontinued or broken links

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Earth seen from the Galileo (Jupiter mission) spacecraft - ex NASA website - onMouseOver creator - animated messages - free stuff - directory enquiry facility - search engine & Babel Fish translator - information search facility - 'Groovy Baby' - cult TV - BBC education - Birmingham Zoo - Encyclopaedia Britannica site - BT's UK phone directory - web design help - starlets pictures - the cartoon character - information search facility - picture search - encyclopaedia - free fonts - free photos - free graphics - 2000 radio stations worldwide - genealogy web site - 'Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy' site - movie database site - IT information - free graphics - MP3 music clips - MP3 music search - official NASA website - National Geographic - New Scientist website - Oink encyclopaedia - free PC help on-line - Public Records Office site including 1901 census and WW1 records - vast library of classical music clips - home shopping site - including computer, audio & electronic - general information search facility - general UK specific search engine - Sea World - 'Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence' website - animated greetings cards - sound bites site - stars and personalities pictures - facility to submit websites to many search engines - lots of good free stuff - winamp site - music clips and high quality audio player - forum for new writing

Please let me know of any discontinued or broken links

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