Tony Webster - A Brief Resume

After serving in the Royal Air Force for three years, on top secret cipher and telecommunications work (some parts of which are still classified to this day), I spent the next few years working on computer hardware and software design, before moving into Computer Digital Imaging, Graphic Design, and Photography. Now retired from Local Goverment, I supplement my income by working as a computer consultant and Internet web designer.

Apart from writing, my interests include photography, collecting ‘Fifties’ memorabilia, home computing, Internet web design and research into my family history.

As regards the writing, I have written 60 or so poems and short stories and have been published over 100 times in more than 60 different publications. A collection of my poetry, 'States of Mind', was published, in July 2000, by Forward Press. A further book, 'Alligator Sandwich - Poetry with Bite', in memory of my late wife, Sylvia, was published in June 2006.

I write mainly rhyming poetry (the only real poetry and the most difficult – to disagree with Milton!), in the ‘classic style’, on themes of the ‘eternal verities’, love, war, death, loss, etc., and tend to favour a kind of bittersweet, poignant style. In my opinion, poetry has to have poetic rhythm (metre), balance, elegance, style, harmony, depth of meaning (otherwise it is just plain verse), and RHYME. I compose all my work on the computer and never write anything ‘longhand’, which suits my style perfectly.

I'm frequently asked to let people know 'who wrote this or that poem', or 'who is the author'. I should reiterate, therefore, that apart from a few minor references to other works, particularly, for example, in 'A Letter to the Future', all writing on the website is my own original work.

Just to dispel the notion, too. that some people have that the computer does all the work for you, all a computer does is to speed up the recording process and, by allowing unlimited changes, together with the laying out of the text in a clear unambiguous way, perfectly combines the creativity of the original thought process with the clarity, accuracy and speed of the modern personal computer, thus allowing the mind to concentrate better on the creative task (but then you knew that, anyway, didn’t you?).

Election Publicity Material



Independent Candidate

Buckingham South By-election March 27th 2008

After serving in the Royal Air Force for three years on top secret communications work, I spent the next few years working on early computer hardware and software design before moving into Computer Digital Imaging, Graphic Design and Photography. Now retired from local government, my interests include photography (both film and digital), writing, web design and research into my family history. I am a published writer of poetry and prose and have been published over one hundred times in over sixty different publications. I founded the Buckingham Camera Club in 1979 (still going strong today). I am the chairman of the Buckingham Heritage Trust (which runs the Old Gaol Museum), have a strong interest in local social history and was responsible for the founding in 2007 of the permanent Old Gaol exhibition relating to the life and works of the 'Lark Rise to Candleford' writer, Flora Thompson. I am also the chairman of the 'Friends of Buckingham Cemetery', utilising some of my experience as manager of cemeteries and parks and open spaces for Banbury Town Council. Saving cemeteries from decay and neglect is important. They are our heritage, both in terms of the great and the good and the ordinary people interred in them, the many monuments and memorials to them of historic, social and architectural interest, the often unique blend of natural and rare flora and fauna, usually including very many fine specimen trees and shrubs and also very much, too, as a place for quiet peace and reflection.

I've lived in Buckingham for 36 years (so I'm still very much a new boy) with my late wife, Sylvia, who was very well known around the town for her friendly smile and willingness to help anyone. I am very much in the same mould.

My broad breadth of experience, coupled with the extensive business and personal networks I've built up over the years, should serve to give me a unique insight into the issues and happenings that affect the lives of the people of Buckingham from the latest incomers to the families who have lived here for generations and also gives me the ability and know-how to do something about it.

Issues close to your hearts, I know, include flooding and drainage, anti-social behaviour and vandalism, conservation, housing, local developments and care of our local cemetery. All these are high on my agenda.

Please vote for me at the local council by-election for the Buckingham South ward on March 27th.

Thanks very much

Tony Webster

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