Tony Webster's Poetry Home Page Revision History

Major Revisions

1.0.0   Monolithic index structure.

2.0.0  Monolithic index structure, with internal navigation links.

3..0.0  Hierarchical index structure, with new images, added music and dedications.

Revision History (from revision 3)

3.1.0  1st December 1998 - added 'Picture of the Week' and 'Revision History' to CONTACT section.

3.1.1  20th February 1999 - improved look of navigation bars & removed white areas round GIF images.

3.2.0  24th February 1999 - added 'General Picture Gallery' and all images.

3.2.1  3rd March 1999 - added more appropriate music to all images, including section index pages.

3.3.0  5th April 1999 - added links to 'Other Recommended Poetry Sites'.

3.3.1  25th November 1999 - added new poems, 'Confused?' and 'Y2K'.

3.3.2 3rd December 1999 - added links to 'My Other Sites' & 'Other Sites of Interest'.

3.3.3 25th May 2000 - added new poem, 'The Divine Madness'.

3.3.4 1st June 2000 - added ATOMZ website 'search' facility to INDEX page.

3.3.5 5th July 2000 - added new poems, 'Snowflakes' and 'Hail'.

3.4.0 6th July 2000 - added 'Quick Look' drop down menu on 'Home page', in JavaScript.

3.5.0 11th July 2000 - added 'scrolling page' facility to long pages, in JavaScript (amended 20th July 2000).

3.5.1 12th July 2000 - improved look of text pages (poems, etc) - changed background and text colours.

3.5.2 14th July 2000 - added JavaScript 'MouseOver' features to 'Contact' and 'Picture of the Week' sections.

3.5.3 17th September 2000 - added new poems, 'Frost' and 'Ice'.

3.5.4 24th October 2000 - added new poems, 'North Wind' and 'Winter Sparkle'.

3.5.5 27th October 2000 - added new poem, 'When The Wind Blows'.

3.5.6 9th November 2000 - added prose item, 'The Sixth Extinction - A Letter to the Future'.

3.6.0 13th January 2001 - changed category selections to 'drop down menus' & optimised for single page display.

3.6.1 25th January 2001 - added DHTML effect to Index page (removed January 28th 2001).

3.6.2 31st January 2001 - added new poem, 'Temptation' and link to Sara Cornwell's site.

3.6.3 14th April 2001 - updated biography and changed image in WAR section.

3.6.4 23rd May 2001 - added new poem, 'Absence of Colour' and link to Emily Johnson's site (now deleted).

3.6.5 20th August 2001 - added new 'Guest Poems' section, with first poem by Miriam G.

3.6.6 16th September 2001 - added three more poems by Miriam G.

3.6.7 24th September 2001 - added 'Soapbox' - under construction.

3.6.8 6th November 2001 - changed images on some main category pages, added 'Lest we Forget' images off 'Contact' page and US flag to 'Home' page, generally tidied up.

3.6.9 25th January 2002 - added some new images to the 'Image Gallery' and added 'My Best Man Speech' to 'Prose' section.

3.7.0 25th February 2002 - added links to Buckingham Old Gaol and Banbury Town Council sites which I maintain.

3.7.1 18th March 2002 - added World Trade Centre 'beams of light' image.

3.7.2 11th May 2002 - added new poem to 'Narrative' section, 'The Old Gaol, Buckingham'.

3.7.3 1st June 2002 - changed look of front page and amended 'Contact' section.

3.7.4 28th July 2002 - added new poem, 'It' to 'Love' section.

3.7.5 18th April 2003 - changed images on some main sections (Love, Prose and Guest) and added new images to the 'Image Gallery', including new section on female nudity.

3.7.6 1st August 2003 - deleted email address details to reduce spam. Added text of Gary and Cheralee's wedding verses

3.7.7 7th March 2004 -added 'Oatie' to 'Philosophical' section

3.7.8 21st June 2004 - added 'Communicating at the Council' to 'Narrative' section and added 'ALT'S to pictures in 'Image Gallery'

3.7.9 1st June 2005 - added poem, 'Dolphins' by Becci Ward, to 'Guest Poems' section

3.8.0 23rd July 2005 - changed layout of 'Contact' page and changed some pictures in the 'Image Gallery'.

3.8.1 17th September 2005 - changed some pictures in the 'Image Gallery' beauty section, and in the 'Love', 'Philosophical', 'Guest Poems', 'Narrative/Nature' and 'Prose Extracts' sections

3.8.2 1st May 2006 - general tidying up and addition of 'Stars' poem in 'Love' section

3.8.3 2nd May 2006 - deletion of female nudes section and addition of new section for photographs taken by TW

3.8.4 1st September 2007 - deleted all female nudity throughout

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